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Police officers always could use an extra witness when approaching a suspect.  In many cases, capturing evidence of a confrontation with a suspect can be difficult when leaving the view of your cruisers dash camera.  Luckily there is a solution that will allow you to have hands free video recording available 24/7 where ever you go in a small package.  The personal video camera is the C-YA Mini DV 80 which is an awesome little device.  It is only 2.1 inches tall, aluminum allow body, takes and SD card for memory, plugs and plays right into computer, attached easily to shirt or outer carrier, easy to use, and concealable.  This personal police video camera makes capturing video evidence that much easier.  Just attach the C-YA to your clothing or outer vest, hit the record button, and you’re capturing vital evidence that could “Cover Your Ass” (C-YA)  This camera is rechargeable, is color, and has a two-hour+ constant run time.   I would recommend every cop purchases one of these devices.  It will be well worth its money when you show up to court and your need to show evidence.

These C-YA cameras are available at, and are about $89 dollars with free shipping. Comes with a warranty.

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